About us

Beerland.org is a web site which contains all our efforts to collect and present full-fledged information about beer and it's culture. Everyone can have a taste of it's history in a single drop, in it's aroma and it's presence. Thousand years of existence, the oldest drink in the world, many times changed even the history of mankind.

Behind Beerland.org it's a group of people who started to collect various information about beer, it's types and the breweries who offer us delightful drinks. We traveled in a lot of countries to meet brewers and to know better their products and their methods of production.

After an investigation we performed in International Internet web sites, we found out that all the info about beer is separated in many web sites, sometimes too difficult to find. So the idea of a new website, with easy and friendly way of navigation, with reliable information and great stuff, was born. And we called it Beerland.org.

We are happy to introduce you our website, created with the visitor in our minds, so that he could come to learn about beer, easy, fast and reliable, with absolutely no cost for him. A website full of matters around beer, for example the history of beer or each brewery and their history. We believe that we managed to make our ideas come true.

Our vision

Our main target is to fill our website with every information about the beer, updated everyday. Our visitors will have a free of charge way to learn about the news and various matters around beer, from their home or work. For example, they could select the beer that they would like to drink from our website, before going to the to the pub they have chosen.

We just want to make Beerland.org the absolute place to find things about beer, from every single point of earth. And also in your preferred language. That's the reason why Beerland.org will be translated if four different languages (Greek, English, German, French). Every visitor will feel like home, reading the site content at his preferred language, giving us the opportunity to extend our target groups.

Our vision is to make Beerland.org an access point of it's visitors as the absolute place for information about beer. We hope to present as soon as possible the content to achieve our vision.

Did you know...

Someone who drinks a lot of beer is called "Boozer". This word comes from the ancient beer name "Boozah".