Production procedure

First of all, the ingredients are collected (step 1). The finest quality of barley, hops and water are necessary for making the best beer. Follows the boiling of the barley at the 80-100 degrees of Celsius (step 2). After that, comes the grinding of the barley (step 3) and then it is mixed with water (step 4), for removing the dissolvable matters. The mixture is heated at 65-75 degrees of Celsius. Afterwards, the liquid is transfused or infused, so that it will be separated from it´s indissoluble ingredients like cortex and others. Then it is boiled in specials boilers with specific amounts of hops (1-1,5kg for around 100kg of barley) (step 5). By the heat a few proteinic matters are thrown away. The next step is to freeze it at 5 degrees of Celsius and put it in special fermentation containers in really cold places (step 6). In this containers the first stage of fermentation is happening, where the sugary wort is turned into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Through the fermentation period, there are two categories based on the wort type. The top-fermented, where the wort gets on the top of the liquid like a foam, and the bottom-fermented, were the wort is collected from the bottom of the container. The past times, the containers that was used for the fermentation were wooden buckets, which nowadays replaced with metallic tanks. The fermentation is a very elaborateness procedure, which is easy to be ruined even from the existence of germs or older oddments of wort. The fermentation lasts around 8-12 days with bottom-fermented wort usage, and just 2-5 days with top-fermented wort.

After the main fermentation, the beer is transferred in containers which are stored in rooms with 1-2 degrees C, for it´s maturation, where new fermentations are happening and which lasts around 1-4 months. Afterwards, the beer is filtrated and goes for pasteurization, so that it could be last for a long time bottled. Finally, the beer is transfered in bottles and barrels, ready for selling to the consumers.


Did you know...

The word "Cash" comes from the word "Kash" which was the name of the beer in Agypt. That is how the workers at the pyramids named their beer, which was also their payment for their work.