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Mythos Beer, the award winning beer at the “2001 Interbeer International Beer & Whiskey Competition” was launched in May of 1997.  Produced from select varieties of barley and hops, it is a Lager with a rich head, bright blonde colour and a pleasant, refreshing taste - a guarantee of enjoyment for those who choose to drink it.  Mythos´ exceptional quality has led to it becoming the beer of choice for more and more consumers.

In addition to the Greeks, Mythos’ unique taste draws tourists visiting Greece, who ask for it by name. The fact that the majority of these visitors are from countries with a strong beer tradition, confirms the potential that ´Mythos´ has beyond the borders of Greece - borders it has already crossed with success since it is available in a number of European countries as well as in the U.S.A., Canada and Australia.

Mythos challenges you to a special way of thinking that makes life more attractive and interesting.  By drinking ´Mythos´, we invite you to consider what it is to be ´Legendary´ today; to dream, to travel, and to create your very own ´Legend´.

IngredientsMalt Barley, Hops, Yeast, Water
Country of productionGreece
TasteMythos is a light, easy to drink beer. It is characterised by a rich head, bright, blonde colour, and a pleasing, refreshing taste.
PackagingBottle 500 ml
Bottle 500 ml 4 pack
Bottle 330 ml
Can 500 ml
Can 500 ml 4 pack
Can 330 ml
Mythos Coolpack
Barrel 20, 30, 50 lt

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Mythos ποτήρι

Did you know...

The word "Cash" comes from the word "Kash" which was the name of the beer in Agypt. That is how the workers at the pyramids named their beer, which was also their payment for their work.